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Our products promise to enhance your Paving and
landscaping projects on the Sunshine Coast

To ensure an outdoor space that can be enjoyed for many years to come, you need to use durable and attractive products to complete your Paving and landscaping projects. Pavescape Landscapes on the Sunshine Coast has years of industry experience working with some of the most reputable suppliers of quality Paving and landscaping materials, and can offer them all to you at extremely competitive prices. You’ll find links to our product brochures below of manufacturers and suppliers that we trust to provide us with cost-effective products, well-known for their lasting performance. If you need some expert advice, our friendly team are available to recommend the best materials to use for your landscaping projects.


Whether you’re looking to create a colourful patio or want paving to complete your outdoor entertaining area, you’re sure to find paving you’ll love in our product brochures. Your Paving or landscaping projects deserve the best of everything, and with our help, you can own some of the most sought-after paving on the Sunshine Coast.

Please feel free to download our brochures at your leisure.

  • ADBRI – Landscape Solutions
  • Edenstone Masonry brochure
  • Timberstone brochure
  • National Masonry Product Guide
  • BORAL Landscaping brochure
  • Apex Masonry Landscaping Product Guide
  • AUSTRAL BRICKS Paver Brochure

Retaining walls

Choosing the right retaining walls for your landscaping projects couldn’t be easier, thanks to Pavescape Landscapes.

Our easy-to-use product brochures will guide you on a whole host of classic, new and featured products, perfect for all types of domestic settings.

Simply download our brochures or contact us for further advice.

  • ADBRI – Landscape Solutions
  • National Masonry Keystone brochure
  • National Masonry Product Guide
  • Apex Masonry Landscaping Product Guide

ADBRI – Landscape Solutions – PAVING


BORAL Your Landscaping Guide

claypave brochureclaypave brochure

Claypave Paving


ADBRI – Landscape Solutions – RETAINING


Edenstone Masonry Brochure


National Masonry Keystone Brochure


Timberstone Brochure

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National Masonry Product Guide


Apex Masonry Landscaping Product Guide


BORAL Landscaping brochure



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